About us

The Surgical Foundation is the charitable arm of Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI). The charity has a long history of charitable activity and its mission is to advance surgical standards and improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery in Great Britain & Ireland and developing countries.

Our Objectives

To provide education and training to surgeons practicing in countries where there is limited access to such learning opportunities. Ultimately, we hope to improve surgical standards in developing countries, both now, and in the future.

Provision of International Surgical Education and Training
The International Development Committee (IDC) is the part of The Surgical Foundation tasked with strengthening surgical education and training in underdeveloped countries, with a particular focus on Africa. The IDC have hosted more than 25 Surgical Skills Courses throughout East and West Africa. Not only do these Surgical Skills Courses raise the standards of surgical education in the region in the short-term, but they also aim to develop pupils into the surgical teachers of the future. Visit the Surgical Skills Courses tab to learn more.

To encourage the highest possible standards of general surgery in Great Britain and Ireland by supporting research and excellence in surgery.

Supporting Research and Excellence in Surgery
Each year The Surgical Foundation awards the prestigious Moynihan Travelling Fellowship to an outstanding young surgeon from Great Britain or Ireland. This prize allows the winner to enrich his or her skills and to use these to benefit patients and the surgical community at large. The Surgical Foundation also recognises the best performance at each sitting of the Intercollegiate Surgical Examination with a prestigious Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland medal.